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Roderic Kyle, 25th May 2014
found Looked before
  from Scotland  
email roddykyle AT yahoo DOT com

Went to Queen Mary's from 1953 until getting kicked out in 57- head's arm was knackered after caning me all the time- on the bare backside. Where's Denny Bone and Nobby Stubbs- Winchester partners in crime? We all ended up in the military and I said bye bye to a concrete jungle! My sister went to the Girls High School...I see one of her friends on this site...Carla Atherton. Any other reprobates there from the 50's!

Rita Burton, 3rd April 2014
found on the computer
from originally from london lived in popley 1 basingtoke from1966
until 1973
comment i worked at pan books for a while. boring job but good books cheap lol

i knew a janet denby now divorced but still lives in basingstoke went to the shrubbery to have my baby but i was sent to winchester hospital instead but back to the shrubebry afterwards lovely home it was .


Julie Collison, 30th September 2013
found Google
from Australia
  email Missudy12 AT bigpond DOT com  
comment I grew up in Basingstoke, came to Australia in 1977 when I was 20 went to Shrubbery girls school, worked after school in the bakery parslows? I think it was called on the way down to the bus station. Love this site, all the old places , the Granery shame it had to close, my teacher and her husband ran that place, wish I could remember her name, a really dedicated teacher.

Joeff, 30th July 2013
found googld
from Texas
comment I really liked Basingstoke. It seems like a nice place to live and so handy for London! "<>

Ian Richards, 24th July 2013
found Google
from Tadley
  email iandlrichards AT tiscali DOT co DOT uk  
comment Mary, was your maiden name Cheale? If so I attended a couple of your camps.

Ian, 24th July 2013
found Googling murders in Basingstoke!!
from Tadley
comment Moved to Hackwood Park when I was 10 (1956) and have lived in the area since.
Attended the Shrubbery Junior School and then Fairfields Sec Modern school. Last year of school was at Charles Chute school, Queen Marys Avenue.
First job was at Smith Bros Corn, Seed and Fruit merchants in (old) Wote Street.

mary braithwaite, 24th June 2013
found website
from Cliddesden
  email maryruthbraithwaite AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk  
comment We lived at Farleigh Dene, Cliddesden and my father was an evangelist with the European Christian Mission.We cared for many teenagers and children at our big house and Dad and Mum told them about the Bible and Christianity.They prayed for many years that God would send a revival to the Churches and in 1961 a revival began in our very home in Cliddesden and was to spread throughout the whole world. Many new Churches were built throughout the world and a lot of new hymns written and great musical instruments introduced to the Churches. It is still powerful to this day.

Trevor, 20th June 2013
found Google
from Basingstoke
comment I was born in 'The Shrubbery' maternity home in Clillesden Rd on 20/10/1960. My parents moved from the area to central Essex (where i have resided for 50 years). I was sorry to read my place of birth was closed and then finally demolished in the early 1990's ...
However happy to learn it was the former home of the Burberry fashion chain originator, and that to the people of Basingstoke it is gone but not forgotten. Very informative site.

Maureen Breathnac, 24th May 2013
found Google
from Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
  email mbreathnac13 AT gmail DOT com  
comment I love this site. I spent my first 21 years in Basingstoke before emigrating to Canada.

Just happened to find this site while searching for information about the Shrubbery Maternity Home. People think I'm nuts when I tell them I was born in "the shrubbery".

Jennifer A Miller, 19th May 2013
found browsing
from Liverpool UK
comment Great site! re: Heather Long's post, I attended B'stoke High School for Girls from 1955 to 1960, and remember Miss Arkell too. Also Miss Wood (sigh), the Misses Hunt (geography and math) Miss Clarke, Miss Green, Mrs. Bruce, Miss Bryant, Miss Bloomfield et al. Other girls included Erica Smith, Jenny Jacobs, Rexine Cousin, Jocelyn Doig, Carla Atherton and an American named Starr Gunning, tho' I may have made her up! I've lived in America since 1969, these memories coming back now maybe because my grand-daughter just turned did I when passing the 11+ and starting B'stoke High School. Long time ago...

Heather Long, 26th February 2013
found Google
from Forest of Dean
comment I was listening to BBC Radio 4 Soul Music featuring the Pergolesi Stabat Mater and this took me straight back to singing this work in the Choir at Basingstoke County High School. I attended from 1959 to 1964. Our music teacher/choir mistress was Miss Arkell who gave me a love and understanding of many classical pieces of music. I was born in Basingstoke and lived there until I was 18. Very interesting to read other people's memories and comments.

WILL, 25th January 2013
from HERTS
  email west1da AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk  
comment Valarie who went to school in the town(1960`s)and now living in Gloucestershire, there is a wealth of old photo`s of 60`s Basingstoke on line. Hampshire County Council site for one, the Willis museum site another, with the local paper the Gazette posting still/video clips on you tube. Or just Google pictures of Basingstoke. PS This site is awesome!

Martin, 24th January 2013
found my friend told me
from Gosport
comment Wow! I am glad to see somebody is proud of where they live. I drive to work here and drive home and some times go to the shops to me that is all Basingstoke is. Keep up the good work.

John, 16th January 2013
found Friend
from Basingstoke
comment Ancient and Modern

There is nothing stranger than the folk,
That call this town the “Boringstoke”.
They walk around with eyes to see,
And not peruse the subtlety.
Of this transformed market town,
Nestled ‘tween the Hampshire down.

Once with tired and jaded look,
Where once flowed the Loddon brook.
I remember sixty year,
All was there, church and beer.
Now the years have come and gone,
With the town now stripped to bone.

In its place now standing,
Festival and Malls so grandly.
Some people live just for the past,
As through some mirrowed silver glass.
But time changes even man,
Not withstanding of the span.

Would they rather old town crumbling,
To the new towns overstate’ing.
In its place they’d rather stood,
Corrugated rust and wood.
Now we have terrazzo flooring,
With polished glass from floor to ceiling.

If while you travelled through,
And looked with eyes that are anew.
Then you’ll see, yes, quite proudly,
A town refreshed, no not sadly.
>From top to tail, now proclaiming,
“Out with old” as in spring cleaning.

Valerie Hill, 7th January 2013
found Googled it
from Gloucestershire
comment I attended the Shrubbery School for Girls in the 1960's and was curious to see if there was any mention of it on this site. I still have relatives in and around Basingstoke, but I cannot recognise anything of the town I once knew when I visit them. I would like to see photos of the town before its devolopment.



JaspER, 17th September 2012
found Friend
from Basingstoke
comment Gone

To the north of Winchester, high on the hampshire downs.
Stands the town of Basingstoke, a city that once was town.
Gone the cattle market, now shops and offices stand.
Proclaiming to the county, a new identity found.
Gone the corrugated factories, all glass now in its place.
No more old and tired look, but a bright new shining face.
Gone now all the meadow land, suburbia now is found.
With buildings vast and numerous, no more the wildlife sound.
Gone the chaff’ and swallow, no more eaves to roost.
Only sterile shrubbery, amid the red brick host.
Gone the winding country lane, now replaced with A’s.
It takes as long to travel, as in those far off days.
Gone the country yokel, chewing on his straw.
Replaced by travelling salesmen, knocking door to door.
Gone the country cooking, mother used to make.
Now it’s off to Tesco, for some ready bake.
Gone the ‘Sally army’, playing in the square.
Sunday same as any day, progress ‘lets be fair’.
Gone the Waldorf picture house, queuing in the rain.
Now it’s off to ‘plexi’, only one film, much the same.
Gone the Hants and Dorset, travelling the town.
Now it’s Stagecoach buses, if they’re to be found.
All has gone to yesterday, the future now is here.
Only thoughts in peoples heads, of the yester year.

ros, 14th September 2012
found browsing flickr
from b'stoke,centre of the known universe
comment great site-nice to see some of the old folks from the Old Vic(RIP)and the hole in the wall are still around and hello Chrissie-haven't seen you since 1980 at the carnival hall!
now in rural Wales,still visit family but glad I don't live there now-left for London 32 years ago-even gladder I'm not living there!

WILL, 6th September 2012
found GOOGLE
from HERTS
  email west1da AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk  

geoff, 25th June 2012
found (indirectly) Mark Steel's in Town (BBC Radio 4)
from Isle of Man

I have not been to Basingstoke for many years, when I used to work nearby on restoring the canal. This gives a new perspective.
And I may now be the first from the Isle of Man [A country, not part of the UK] on your visitors list.

Mark Steel's in Town is (at the time of writing) available on BBC iPlayer and well worth a listen (and, judging by the material, Mark appears to have been an avid reader of this site!): Ed]

Terry, 7th June 2012
found browsing
from basingstoke

I remember the Anchor as being pretty rough, in fact, I saw a guy attacked with a razor outside there one night, luckily it wasn't plugged in or else things could have got really nasty. I also remember going to Brinkletts Disco with Andy Cale, Gordon Bowdery, Bob Horrigan and many others. Was the woman who ran it called Doris? What about Percy who worked in Staffords in the New Market Square. I have lived and worked in B'STOKE since 1960 and I still think it is one of the best places in the South of England, a real mix of people and enviroment. Good shops, and great countryside.

bob, 1st June 2012
found been on before
from basingstoke

The previous comment about sport in Basingstoke got me thinking. I know the town has a great history of sporting events, from the Carnival five-a-side to 3 day and 1 day County Cricket at May's Bounty and everything in between. It would be great to read memories from anyone involved, especially the local football and cricket scene from the mid seventies. I well recall getting changed in someone's car, going out to play football in a mud bath then trying to clean yourself with water from the 'magic sponge' bucket. On Sundays a mad rush to the nearest pub to drink as much as possible before 2:00 and getting home in time for the Big Match.

JaspER, 3rd May 2012
found a friend
from Basingstoke
comment Ancient and Modern

There is nothing stranger than the folk,
That call this town the 'Boringstoke'.
They walk around with eyes that see,
And not peruse the subtlety.
Of this transformed market town,
Nestled 'tween the Hampshire down.

Once with tired and jaded look,
Where once flowed the Loddon brook.
I remember sixty year,
All was there, church and beer.
Now the years have come and gone,
With the town now stripped to bone.

In its place now standing,
Festival and Malls so grandly.
Some people live just for the past,
As through some mirrowed silver glass.
But time changes even man,
Not withstanding of the span.

Would they rather old town crumbling,
To the new towns overstate'ing.
In its place they'd rather stood,
Corrugated rust and wood.
Now we have terrazzo flooring,
With polished glass from floor to ceiling,

If while you travel through,
And looked with eyes that are anew.
Then you'll see,yes, quite proudly,
A town refreshed,no not sadly.
From top to tail,now proclaiming,
'Out with old' as in spring cleaning.

basingstokefan01, 9th April 2012
found word of mouth
from the midlands
comment Really like ripe bananas so thinking of visiting. I'm a Banana eating buddhist is it safe? [Don't recall any reports of banana eating Buddhists getting into sticky situations here,  so I reckon you should be OK: Ed]

Tony, 21st March 2012
found Search for information about The Galaxy Club
from Basingstoke
  email ajernet AT netscape DOT net  
comment Interesting reading Chrissie's comments. I use to frequent all the places she has mentioned and in fact my brother was one of the partners who ran 'The Blue Room'. Yes our local was mainly The Anchor with John Barker behind the bar, in my case the saloon bar but we did use The Feathers as well. Sadly The Anchor is no longer there and The Feathers has gone so far downhill, it just looks an absolute dive, they have even called some stupid name but I hope one day it will be returned to its former glory. Its amazing to think we saw all the greats of British and some American R & B stars at The Galaxy Club, all of whom when onto fame and fortune and are still stars today. Pretty good for a little town before the overspill really kicked in. Hey Chrissie, you didn't live in Notting Hill for a while did you, if so I know you and you know me. Not Chrissie P is it. Happy days.

[The Galaxy Club sounds like a great place, sadly before my days here, where was it?: Ed]

GILBERT PROVIS, 18th March 2012
  email bertie1066 AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk  
comment looking for old school mates like frank prickitt or all the old gang ? keth right,any one that remembers me. good old days

Chrissie, 6th March 2012
found Searching for Galaxy Club Basingstoke
from Whitchurch
  email Chrissie DOT Ferngrove AT winchester DOT ac DOT uk  
comment I happened upon this site as an old friend has just sent me some memoires of the Galaxy Club in Basingstoke Town Hall in the early 1960s.
I went to school at the High School for Girls (later re-named Harriet Costello for the ancient headmistress) from 1961 to 1967. I have so many memories of the old town before a large part of it was demolished, and it was great to read comments from people with the same memories .. last night at the Barge! The Blue Room! The Anchor!! YES .. I was there. Mods on scooters outside the 'Cont' coffee bar, the old Waldorf and Savoy cinemas .. the list goes on.
I spent my teenage years in Basingstoke but didn't live there, I used to get the 101 bus in from Sherfield and meet all my friends at the bus station. We would get half fare on the bus and then put on our makeup in the bus station toilets and go into the Anchor or Feathers and get served with 'rough cider' - those were the days, haha!
Anyway, interesting site, and glad to see that my son Carl Barat is mentioned on the front page, although he didn't actually hold up the peace convoy dressed as a whale, that it a little bit of a stretch of the imagination! x

[I love to hear these memories of town, brings the place alive, keep 'em coming: Ed]

H, 25th February 2012
found Looking for WW1 stuff about Basingstoke
from Croydon
  email hebradford AT ntlworld DOT com  
comment Now I've seen this, Croydon doesn't do it for me anymore.

ronald gregory, 18th January 2012
found you told me to go on it
  email noooo mwhahahahaha  
comment i find your website really interesting and im now going to move to basingstoke coz i'm old and have nothing better to do, yeeeehaaaaaaaaah (im a cowboy from texas:D)


JAYDO, 21st December 2011
found GOOGLE
comment I heard about the Woke St Willy, so I took a look. Can you tell me what it is supposed to be? It doesn't look like any penis I have seen, but then it doesn't look like anything in particular, at all. What is wrong with people who commission these things? We had a giant structure called B of the Bang, it represented an explosion. It was great, but it was huge and bits fell off in the wind, so it was taken down. Bad idea from the start, other sculpture in Manchester seem all to be made of metal, to represent out industrial past, get over it, let's have something beautiful instead of something useless or made of metal with a rusty surface like the Angle of the North. We are sick of stupid senseless ugly and expensive street furniture. We also had a collection of things which looked like railroad boogie wheels, these were supposed to be benches to sit on, but no one recognized them as such, and no one sat on them. Another ugly and useless bit of expensive street furniture. Cheers.
Can I make a constructive comment about the site in general. I think it's a bit colourful. And a bit ugle. The background of this page for example is quite nice, and the dots are ok in small doses. But the opening page is a bit in your face with the very bright blocky red lettering, could do with toning that down a bit and changing the thickness of the font. And, the bright blue background with the once again very bright lettering, is eye watering. Perhaps that could be toned down a bit too, to make it easier to read. Thanks

[I'll have a think about it, but I quite like the 'in yer face' look: Ed]

bob, 19th December 2011
found browsing
from basingstoke

clark, 28th November 2011
found looking for infor on Basingstoke
from LaGrange, GA, USA
comment Just sent a message and realized I meant to ask why there is so little about Sports in Basingstoke on your site. I know you have a Rugby Club that has produced several rising stars in that field, and some once famous athletes have lived and do still live there. [If you've any further info about who, what, where, when drop me an email and I can try and rectify the omission . . . : Ed]

Clark, 28th November 2011
found looking for info on Basingstoke because I know people there.
from LaGrange, GA
comment Absolutely Fabulous (no pun intended) site .... so much knowledge so interestingly posted and just fun to read .... I can't wait to come see your town. [Thanks for the kind comments, and hope you enjoy the visit . . .  I've spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of years working just the other side of Atlanta from you, around the Norcross and Duluth area which I enjoyed: Ed]

Lou, 11th November 2011
found ...internet
from Basingstoke
  email ketch_003 AT hotmail DOT com  
comment ...Do you ever see a Chinook fly over Basingstoke....Did you know that one of the Pilots lives in Basingstoke ....has a Award from the Queen and has written a book. Did you know a village in Basingstoke had the most successful Half Marathon run through it and the most succesful Firework Display this year [Thanks for the info, I'll look into doing a bit of research: Ed]

Astrid, 7th November 2011
found Via Radio Basingstoke
from Originally W.London now Basingstoke
  email astridhaighsmith AT virginmedia DOT com  
comment I was so surprised & delighted to find this website, it is very interesting. I have only lived here just over 9 years, but it's the longest I have lived anywhere, previously I moved approx every 3 years, so goes to prove how much I like this town! It has so much going for it, great shopping centres, Leisure complex, restaurants, lots of live music, parks, close to motorways & the countryside & an hour to the sea. What more do people want!

Basingstoke Ghost Hunters, 9th October 2011
found Recommended
from Basingstoke
  email basingstokeghosthunters AT gmail DOT com  
comment Hi - please feel free to join our group, Basingstoke Ghost Hunters that can be found on facebook.

Thomas Hearne, 23rd September 2011
found Google
from Basingstoke
comment Basingstoke is a great place to live, great schools and shopping including festival place and we are currently waiting for wates construction to finsish the Malls refurbishment, search the malls basingstoke and see the artists impression pictures, it's going to look great once it has finished.

David Gahan, 10th September 2011
found Wanted to know more about The Shrubbery
from born London, Live in Gozo (Malta)
comment Fascinating! Many congratulations on your enterprise. I worked at Farleigh House School, Farleigh Wallop, for ten years in the 1960-70 period, so B'stoke was our home town. Both my children were born at The Shrubbery. Interesting to learn that it was the home of (built for?) the founder of Burberry coats. If I am right in thinking that Timothy West and Prunella Scales lived there, post-hospital and pre-demolition, this is worth a mention.

BNHCC (Basingstoke and Noth Hants Cricket Club) is surely worth a mention, since it is (was?) used for county cricket and many of the world's best players have played there.

Basing House should have a mention too, since it held out for years against the Cromwellians during the Civil War, before being slighted.

Chris, 31st August 2011
comment I was delighted to learn recently that a group of school children from BASINGSTOKE have written a special three-minute episode of Doctor Who, to be broadcast in the not too distant future on, I believe, BBC3. Congratulations and, needless to say, I am sure it will be absolutely BRILLIANT!

louise, 7th August 2011
found looking for an old friend looked up queen marya
from Basingstok of course!!!!!
  email louisebailey69 AT yahoo DOT com  
comment love the site, avnt lived there for ages but am basinstoke born and bred!!!!

B.B., 2nd August 2011
found GOOGLE
from Basingstoke
  email khorrigan AT btinternet DOT com  
comment What was the name of the disco at the top of town up the alley opposite the Co-Op? Did anyone ever go to the Angel Nigtclub and not see or get involved in a fight? Does anyone remember an old guy going about in a massive blue wheelchair (usually in the area round the Memorial Park) that he moved by pushing and pulling on two levers on either side of the chair? A mate of mine reckoned it weighed about a hundredweight and the guy was a war veteran.

B.B., 2nd August 2011
found By chance
from Basingstoke
  email khorrigan AT btinternet DOT com  
comment I lived in basingstoke from 1959 to 1982. My Mum and Dad still live there and we often visit. Went to school at Fairfields infants and juniors, then to Cranbourne. I recall all the old places in the town quite clearly,the A.B.C. cinema and the one next door, Brinklets Youth Club, The Bass House, the King of Wessex (which some wag altered to read King of Sex and made the local B.B.C. news), the opening of the M3 and countless old large houses in the area which made great playgrounds for me and my mates. I moved for no other reason than to work in the Hotel Industry. Of course, we all chanted the teenagers mantra from time to time, "there's nothing to do, it's boring", but looking back I had some great fun and have many happy memories.

Tom, 22nd July 2011
found Searched Basingstoke in Google
from Basingstoke
comment Basingstoke is a great town, Festival Place is nearly 10 years old since it's opening in 2002. The Malls Shopping Centre is currently going under major refurbishment works including a new roof, toilets, new entrance at Alencon Link. I am very proud to live in Basingstoke as it is home to one of Hampshires best colleges BCOT. Rock on Basingstoke

Chris, 31st March 2011
comment Although I don't believe he actually ever lived in Basingstoke, I see that former Shadows bassist Jet Harris is due to be cremated in the town later today. Jet was a legend, still is, and was one of the true pioneers of British rock 'n roll. Could he, therefore, be given a mention on this great site., 28th February 2011
found Looked up basingstoke
from Basingstoke of course
comment Amazing site, found loads of great info, just shows Basingstoke rocks!!!!

Sam Roberts, 31st January 2011
found met the owner
from Basingstoke
  email king_arf2003 AT hotmail DOT com  
comment David Cameron's brother in law is a heart surgeon at Basingstoke hospital
Source: David Cameron, BBC news broadcast, today.

pooooo, 18th January 2011
found i typed in Basingstoke into Google
from Mars
comment i love basingstoke

Mick, 5th January 2011
found Lookig for points of interest in Basingstoke
from Basingstoke
comment I moved from London in 1974,apart from a few friends I miss nothing about the place.Basingstoke has given me and my family a good living.There is the mixture of a modern town centre with the rural aspect anyone in london would give their right arm for.So....if you don't like it here,just go to a better place and moan about it when you get there.


Cathy, 31st December 2010
found Always researching the town and always checking
from Basingstoke 50-odd years
  email cthwlms AT hotmail DOT com  

It's great that so many people like the mixture of old & new, town & country. Does anyone remember the OLD swimming pool, the High School, American Tan stockings from the old M&S? There's certainly a lot more choice now! But I hope we can hang on to our history too!

The Shrubbery - I had a baby there too! History - I think it was built by a Burberry, probably a son of the founder. Fate - the grounds stretched just to the back gardens of Wallis Road by 1930 ( of Wallis & Steevens)There was a lodge on Cliddesden Road. Most of the southern grounds went under the Ring Road, and the access road & buildings of QMC.The house was last used by the Proteus Theatre Group. I could look other details up. Other big houses had lodges in Cliddesden Road - more another time!

Sue Gibbs, 29th August 2010
found Internet
from Now MK - B/stoke
  email Crkirk13 AT gmail DOT com  

Hi all, Visited B/stoke for the weekend as mum still lives their, had the best time, it's changed a lot. Lived on Popley 2 and around from 1969 until 1981, did not miss the place until now. Not as bad as i thought,went walker about, and talked to lots of people. Nice peole, nice place. Did not see anyone i new from way back. Where is The Granny.

Chris, 11th June 2010
found known about it for years!
from the Midlands now

As both a Doctor Who fan and someone who once lived in Basingstoke, can I just say how delighted I am to see the devine miss Sarah Sutton is now featured on your site. I shall continue to visit in the hope that there will be more little surprises in the future. And I fully intend to actually visit the great town again next year. Cheerio for now. [Thanks, pleased to hear that the site continues to hit the spot: Ed]

Nathan, 16th February 2010
found searching
from Basingstoke

this was a really good site as io have seen the film get real, and now people beliove me because of what they haveseen :)!!

Roger Early, 9th February 2010
found Google search
from Basingstoke

Outrage! Basingstoke has been nominated for Carbuncle Award consideration...

Brian Taylor, 9th February 2010
found My daughter sent me the URL
from New Forest

Reading the threads I see there are some questions about the old Shrubbery Nursing Home. Before the new hospital was built (early 70's?) on the Park Prewett Mental Hospital farm site off of the Sherborne St John/Tadley road, this was the maternity hospital for all of Basingstoke and the surrounding villages. The Cottage Hospital on the corner of Southern Road opposite the War Memorial Park gates was the main one with the old Work House on Basing Road being the dumping ground for geriatrics.

I believe that the Shrubbery was originally the family home of the Burberry family.

The family home of the May's, brewers and benefactors of May's Bounty cricket ground was on the corner of Lower Brook St and Chapel Hill opposite St John's Junior school. The Rose and Crown was on the opposite corner.

Brian Taylor, 9th February 2010
found My daughter sent me the URL
from New Forest
  email brian.taylor001 AT ntlworld DOT com  

I grew up in 'Stoke living in Sopers Grove, Elizabeth Road, St Michaels Road and finally on Brighton Hill before emigrating to So'ton in 1978. Our teenage days were not at all boring with 'Stoke still being a small town. We knew everybody some of whom I'm still in touch with. My memories of Queen Mary's are mixed but had great times at May Street Youth Club and Brinkletts before graduating to the Galaxy Club, Ticky Rick, Blue Room, etc. Last night of the old Barge pub with a band made up of Rob Young, who went on to write many of Status Quo's big hits, Paul Taylor and Mugsy May. Heavy nights in the Anchor with the Barkers. I still look for Town's football results,shame that Thorneys are no longer.

Anybody reading this who knew me can find me on Friends Reunited and Facebook.

Denise, 17th January 2010
found Search engine
from Basingstoke

I have lived in Basingstoke for 52 years almost and it used to be a nice little market town and had a fantastic, famous carnival each year with a week long series of activities in the War memorial Park, a Mardi Gras, dancing/discos in the streets. Its soul-less now, lost most of its interesting buildings and is frankly boring. I would bet the people that don't think of it as boring never knew it before when it had character. Who would know we are famous for being the home of Burbury? We have also produced boxers, pop singers to name but a few of our famous citizens. Oh yes, John Arlott too. Who? You may ask. Nobody would realise this as it's all got lost in the annals of history and now it's just another boring town, same shops, same everything.

john wilkie, 31st December 2009

the shrubbery was demolished to make way for the RINGWAY SOUTH roadlog in to GOOGLE EARTH & type in cliddesdon road,basingstoke who remembers the PINK FARIES playing at the Haymarket......faaarrrr ooouuuttttt & chris t*****r and his attempt to set a world record for non-stop playing of LP's in the defunct Woolies building on london road remember old hippies don't fade away, they're too busy missing the floor when jumping off chairs

Mike N., 25th December 2009

A truly authoritarian town run by the police FOR the police.
A self righteous ,cold , miserable dump!
[Merry Xmas: Ed]

Craig Vincent, 24th December 2009
found google
from Sydney, Australia
  email Cv DOT madcowtree AT talk21 DOT com  

Used to live in Basingstoke. Went to school there. 20 years on I'm sat in Sydney Australia googling the town. That's how awesome it is. Great site.

john wilkie, 21st December 2009

does anyone remember the " NO SPITTING " paving stone, situated on the left side of the road on the way down from the railway station ?

dannyrhymezandmattyb, 26th November 2009
from basingstoke


Karen, 15th November 2009
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from Sunny Basingstoke

Well I wish to add to the Wote Street Willie Artistic Critique...just to say Basingstoke has a proud track record of commissioning Willie inspired art from our Wote Street Willie to the three green pustule willies outside the restaurants in Festival Place...and what most impresses me about these green water features is the watery emissions that dribble out of the top...can this really not have been deliberate?? Are we a whole new epoch town in the great art and sex education debate??

Naomi, 4th November 2009
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i love basingstoke i moved last dec. id lived there for my whole 16 years of my life. i really miss basingstoke e.g everything i never thought i would miss it as much as do now i always thought it was boring but its truly not boring at all as im now living in norfolk in a market town called watton and thats what i would call boring.
i miss my friends tons every one in basingstoke is so every nice and i miss everything the busyness just every thing i love basingstoke im hoping to mive back with my boyfriend soon.
this site is really good it reminds me of what im missing

Helen, 14 August 2009

I'm having a difference of opinion with someone about the site of the old Shrubbery Maternity Home.  Was it where Cliddesden Court is now? Also, I believe the whole of this area was once a large private estate? can you point me in the direction of maps, a website etc which might help.  I have looked on the web but cant really find what I am looking for.
I remember the two flint stone lodges which were in Cliddesden Road until Cliddesden Court was built, were they part of the estate.
Thanks for any help ? I think you have an excellent site
[by email: Ed]

Christine, 28 July 2009
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I was born in the old cottage hospital in Basingstoke in January 1946. My mother was born in Fairfields School in 1920 and her father was the caretaker there. I have never left Basingstoke and would not want to live elsewhere.

Alan Montgomery, 31 March 2009
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from Belfast, but I live in Fleet, Hants

I was seeking Basingstoke images for a Young Enterprise Company at Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College.
These images, and the information about Basingstoke are AMAZING.
Joe responded quickly to my request for copies, and was very helpful.
I found Basingstoke 20 years ago when starting an AI software company. It was very business friendly great fo communting, and it was easy to get good staff to work there.
Keep up the good work.

John Walker, 23 April 2009
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Fantastic website - very entertaining! I used to live at Tadley and worked at Woolworth's, next to Curry's and Trustee Savings Bank, 1957/8, long before the London overspill development. Favorite pubs were Hole-In-The Wall owned by Tony Charles, retired Chelsea football player, and a scruffy pub in Goat Lane. Fond memories of walking girlfriends home to Western Way after the giant fun-fair in the summer.
What happened to Thorneycroft?
Keep up the good work!

Lulu, 30 March 2009
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Was born here 1958, local yokel. I realise things have to move on but preferred it before the overspill...not boring just ruined!

Ninny, 19 February 2009
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it doesnt look boring at all looks very interesting

dawn, 9 February 2009
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Who is Secter, 23rd March 2006? I would love to know who left
me such a lovely message.xx

Kate, 27 January 2009
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from Reading

I lived in Basingstoke with my partner Mark for 2 years, and I think it is the lovliest town I have ever been to. Very friendly, clean and sociable. The town is small enough to feel safe in, but big enough to enjoy.
Definately not Boring!

Tracy, 9 January 2009
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from Auckland, New Zealand

Wow - great to see a website about my home town. It's changed a lot since I was growing up (70's & 80's). Its a great place!

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