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Guitar-Joe, 9 December 2008
found Just surfing
from Blazingsmokes/Taaaaaaaaaaaadley
  email acid_chaos AT msn DOT com  

I don't give a monkey's left groin protrusion what anyone else says.


Dorothy, 12 October 2008
found in internet
from Poland

I love this place... :)

Nick Gouldthorpe, 18 September 2008
found Random Surfing
from Basingstoke
  email Nitronick AT btinternet DOT comm  

I heard that Clappy Man had a Daughter whom he witnessed being killed by a car. Since then he has gone around clapping to try and scare the cars off.
As for Fanum House, the newly refurbished IBM Building now takes the title of the tallest building in Basingstoke.
Other then that, Basingstoke WAS a right dive in the 70's early 80's but once they built the Leisure Park and refurbed the Town Center (several times!) It is now a stunning place to live and work in. Could be worse, we could live in Hull! ! !

sam osbon, 9 September 2008
found google
from basingstoke
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clappy man!
he always goes past my college.i have heard so many different stories about him. But i doubt any are true.
I love Basingstoke, it actually has everything.

Jackie Brown, 6 July 2008
found Google
from USA (originally Basingstoke)
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Did anyone go to Harriet Costello school in 1985?

Julia, 1 July 2008
found Google
from Essex

I loved Basingstoke - I went to the local pub and had a pint of wine. It was such fun and I was extremely excited when I bumped into a celeb - Cheryl Cole!!!!
I saw the church and the local priest - he told me that good things were to come in the near future, so i told him to shut up.
I loved it. I really did love it. I love Basingstoke and bought a t-shirt.

Jane Fuller ( Buckland), 27 June 2008
found google
from Alton

I was born in Basingstoke in 1970 and went to school at Stratton Park, which I thought was a great school! I lived on the Berg estate or bungalow estate as it is also known, I now live in Alton but still look back at my time in Basingstoke with fond memories x

James, 3 June 2008
found Good fortune
from Basingstoke (North Waltham)

Tremendous site

Tomi Kain, 29 May 2008
found Mister Clappy was emailed to me by a mate! I'm a big fan of the Clapster
from Basingstoke

This site has just made me crack up!!!!!Also has brought back some memories!!! Falcon use to live up the road from me we use to pester her! ahahah wow you gotta love that mullet!!!!!Keep this site Going........Up Amazingstoke!!!!!

ABA, 13 May 2008
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from IMO
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Philip Arnold, 16 March 2008
found Webfetch
from Kingsclere Road ( 52-69 )
  email doraminmail AT yahoo DOT no  

Blimey Rob, we we at Charlies at the same time and were doing the same things !!!!! I used to go to the record shop at the top of town, and had a mate who run one down by the old market place. Otherwise the Feathers or the Great Western were the places for " non skinheads " Otherwise the Stable Bar or Saint Lukes Hall were " our " places. Hope we can get in touch someday.

Ray Barrett, 21 February 2008
found search engine
from Daventry Northants.
  email r.barrett3 AT homecall DOT co DOT uk  

couldn't comment on Basingstoke.I have never been,however,if you look at my address,you will notice the county name is required,because no one knows where it is.My gt.grandfather was born in your town at a place named,Sheep Wash,in 1849,(don't suppose anyone remembers him).Well,what I would like to know,is there anyone with a granny or grandfather,who would recall,such an interesting location as Sheep Wash.Kind regards to all Basingstokers.

Aaron Matthews, 3 January 2008
found Search engine
from Basingstoke (now Bournemouth)
  email aaron_1977r AT hotmail DOT com  

Thanks for such a great website. I left Basingstoke's South Ham (Western Way) in 1987 at the age of ten. Does anyone remember South Ham Junior School? It shut down in 1986 and we swelled the population of Park View School (then Stratton Park). I remember the lollipop man for Western Way, a gentleman known only as 'Tiger'. Does anyone remember the massive blocks of maisonettes in Alliston Way, next to what is now Park View School? To all of my old friends, I hope you're well. If you remember me, drop a mail. Basingstoke was an unremarkable place but still didn't deserve the jokes levelled at it. It will always be remarkable to me for the fact that it is my hometown, but the last ten years or so have really seen it take on its own identity and shake off the London settlement town label. What a place it is now! Amazingstoke indeed!

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