Can You Help?

I'm currently trying to find photos, information or stories on the following subjects, any leads hints or pointers welcome:

Eli Lily's factory in Kingsclere Road, was reputedly designed to be tornado proof as the Art Deco design was copied from a factory in the USA, and is to believed to have been painted in camouflage during WWII to stop German bombers using it as a route marker.

Luke Rhinehart's 'Dice Man' character, who made all his decisions based on the roll of a die, is reported to have been based on the real life of Basingstoker Albert Headon

Monty Python had a sketch where a man falls out of an aircraft and lands in a hay wagon near Basingstoke. Got any stills?

Stills from the Action Man film featuring Basingstoker Mark Griffin as Action Man

Sophia Loren and Richard Burton are reported to have appeared in a 1974 version of the film Close Encounter that was filmed at least in part Basingstoke (station?)

Any more details images, or even samples(!), of the old and new Iraqi Currency.

Any photos of the old town before development.

and finally anything else of interest out there, all contributions gratefully received

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many thanks, Joe

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